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IS GSA PR Emulator works without GSA Platform Identifier?

edited August 2018 in GSA PR Emulator
Hi, I was tried to test GSA PR Emulator(demo) with GSA Ranker - and nothing works. GSA PR Emulator absolutely does not see any links from working GSA Ranker - there are just PR? -too low, and PR emulator absolutely empty - no one link from GSA Ranker already one hour! So, tell me somebody - I need proper setup it, or PR Emulator Doesn't work without GSA Identifier? Thanks


  • Solved! The problem was in working GSA Captcha breaker and PR Emulator together. Find the solution on one of the topics here.

    GSA captcha breaker, I changed it to ::1 - port 80. After that restart pr emulator. Easy enough

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