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12.99 change log

Hi Sven, thank you very much for updating SER again, we're nearly at 13 now ;-)
Q: the log only mentions new engines; is there a way I can see which engines are new? I'd like to fire them up for a few old projects...
And by the way, did you have time to check on that account import issue? Were you able to repeat the error? (Not needed badly, just thought I'd mention it as a new update was out)


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but I was not able to debug your account issue. That would require me to be in office but Im offline most of the day (holiday) and can only work in the evenings and answer emails. I will however have a look on that as soon as Im back in office.
    v13.00 - oh well I should prepare something big I guess but I just keep increasing the version by 0.01 once enough things are fixed or new stuff added.
    engines added: which is actually a URL Shortener type that has a growing amount of URL shorteners covered.
  • Gosh, Sven. Most of all, enjoy your holiday! And thank you for the information.
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