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Use articles from my own WordPress site to boost a parasite - how would you go about this

Maybe one of you guys  (or indeed ladies) has an idea:
I would like to use GSA SER to boost parasites (with Web2.0s, Social Bookmarks and Social Profiles, mainly). 
The parasites get their content from a WordPress site which automatically posts many articles a day (a news site).
Now I'd like to use those articles in GSA SER, so that the article list regularly gets extended (or even better replaced) by new articles from WP.

But if I don't overlook something, that article list is static, right? I mean it doesn't change by itself, right?

Additional question: I use KontentMachine+SER Powerhouse to update articles for other projects, so I know there are some tools, but how do I get the articles from WordPress into KontentMachine?

Thanks for any ideas..,.
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