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The 'Quit' button doesn't respond and other bugs I've found (image)

I must use Task Administrator to kill the application because the button 'quit' at top right doesn't respond, also it's doing stuff I don't want. It doesn't aways auto-import text files with proxies and it does stuff I don't want.


  • nycdudenycdude Mazatán
    Googe search test doesn't tag them all after doing the specific test against G.

  • nycdudenycdude Mazatán
    I have it set it to get this txt file every 5 minutes, but it doesn't.

  • SvenSven
    That test against google e.g. is performed and PS is seeing that proxy as being working as the response is from google and not an error page of the proxy. That however doesn't mean PS is tagging that proxy as google-passed since it is probably requiring you to enter a captcha to continue. So it's not giving it a GOOGLE-Tag.
    That the import is not happening each 5 minutes depends on the time the whole process takes. Once it is finished, it will wait 5 minutes and do it again.
    Quit button: please click HELP->Create Bugreport next time you see this.

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  • edited August 2018
    The program won't quit when you use the internal server a lot, there is some like "memory lagout" that happens, where nothing in the memory is saved, or GSA PS can't keep up and keeps processing connections that have been closed long ago. I've tried to submit bug reports about it but I think the "memory lagout" prevents even the bug reports from going through, it just renders the program useless until you reset it.

    Problem? All the proxies you've scraped during that time are gone, because the memory bug doesn't save them into the file, so when you force quit + re-open, you're back where you were hours before with no new proxies added.

    @Sven your fix for this on GSA is brilliant. "Close application even though open threads?" If you click Yes, the ends whatever thread is processing and closes the program. I use this method quite a lot when GSA won't make projects Inactive. Could a similar thing be made to work with GSA PS?

    Also, how about a "randomize list" in the proxy screen? So when we use the Internal proxy server the distribution is more random. I accidentally sorted it once and now I can't randomize it.
  • has the quit button bug been fixed yet?
  • SvenSven
    at least I can't reproduce it.
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