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Best Identified List provider


I am looking to create a list of quality targets for tier1 (Probably Recaptcha). I wanna cut the scraping and Identifying task so looking for an Identified list provider.

linksplug .com seems promising but I have not used it first. Wondering what everyone else is using.

Second, Does it worth it even if I use these targets for t23. What else you recommend me to take care.



  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    There are several good providers out there, which u can find with a simple Google search

    Our list can be seen here:
    You can try us here :

    • Identified – Unique URLs = 101,680,368
    • Identified – Unique Domains = 47,640,037
    • Verified – Unique URLs = 5,146,735
    • Verified – Unique Domains = 1,563,191
    • Verified – Newly Verified URLs during June 18 = 2,751,651
    • Verified – Newly Verified Domains during June 18 = 1,420,960

    Live Identified URLs updates every hour via Dropbox......... drop me a PM if u need more info
  • shaunshaun
    IMO there's no point using CMS engines on T1 as they are dead within weeks so no link juice will flow in time for you to get anything out of it. Back when I used to use SER a whole bunch I preferred looplines list and used it for years. It is auto sync, constantly updated in real time and you can get a discount via this page on my joint venture page with him.
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