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Software working mechanism - logic question

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Alright lets assume i have harvested 5,000,000 URLs with third party softwares

Composed a new project and selected all platforms
Filled in everything
Added PR, outlink, and bad words keyword filtering
Disabled analyze competitor and selected 0 search engines
Imported 5m urls to this project

Now after i started the project what is happening ?

My assume is
Starts from the first url , check its platform, if that platform enabled check all filterings, if passes all of the filterings post to that url and never grab it again

And my second question is

At the above conditions, if i also select anaylze competitior and post , what happens ?
How does it analyze ? uses search engines ?

thank you


  • who cares?... do you want to code another program like ser?
  • @rodol i care because i am using the software. i am trying to understand full details of it for maximum benefit.

  • SvenSven
    all is correct, analyze competitors links is doing a search engine search for keyword + finding sites linking to that keyword site. That has nothing to do with imported urls at all.
  • i see. thanks sven.
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