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If I set PI to monitor the Harvester Session folder, should PI indetify whilst scrapebox is scraping

If I set PI to monitor the Harvester Session folder of Scrapebox, should PI identify whilst scrape box is still scraping in real time?

Currently, it looks like this is not the case, as Scrapebox has found over 4 million urls, but PI has stopped at 320k. Scrapebvox is still running on 29% so I do not want to stop it just yet. It leads me to believe that even monitoring this folder, you have to wait for Scrapebox to complete the project before PI checks the file of URLS.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @UnixSu - Users with the same issue said that using the automator SB plugin fixes that issue. Apparently SB locks the file so it can't be read, but using the automator plugin lets Pi read it.

    Unfortunately, its out of Pi's control.
  • thanks alot! Going to give this a shot
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