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Scrape / Export logic needs clarification


I need to understand the logic of scrape / export and logic behind export settings.

1. I scraped everything for single project articles/images/videos/auth link/addins all fine and in place now.

2. Now I change projects settings Output tab to get MAX 6-12 500 char per paragraph articles and then export into HTML files with finame as Title.

3. Randomly I still get something like 1 paragraphs articles from here and there and sometimes paragraphs contained only one line etc etc.

Is there any sequence I need to follow?  Like should I always scrape after changed Output settings?

Thanks. Trying to understand how things work.


  • SvenSven
    The pure articles (text) is build after scraping. Any change on the output like number of words/algorithm/paragraphs will only have an influence when you re-scrape for new articles.
    However, changed like the number of images to insert or other additions to the text is inserted on preview/export.
  • thanks, got it, so to update the texts we must re-scrape? would be awesome if we could rebuild from local collection? I saw the checkbox there to use already collected but it seems like scraping anyway?
  • SvenSven
    you can do that already. Just uncheck all sources and use the option to use previous scraped content (at the top of the tab where you choose sources).
  • perfect, haven't thought about this option myself. thanks again
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