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Load Raw, unsorted URL Lists into SER?

You know how we can right-click load URL lists into projects? I'd like very much to be able to load URL lists like this by file. I did try loading lists like this via identified/submitted/verified/failed folders in option, but SER doesn't pay attention to the lists.

I have platform identifier, I LOVE it too but I feel like it's not 100%. I run fresh lists from it into SER, but I see that a lot, maybe a good 20% aren't recognized in SER, which leads me to believe PI is also removing a lot of opportunities. I'd much rather have SER do the identification and immediate posting than have PI sort my lists.

What I'm doing is using Scapebox to find URLs, then using PI to sort, then SER to post ... BUT I notice it's much better to just right-click the lists into SER. I get better posting quantity and it doesn't slow SER down at all.

So please, a way to load raw, non-identified URL lists would be awesome.


  • nycdudenycdude Mazatán
    edited July 2018
    After some more testing I've determined it's much better to use PI first, when compared to right-clicking the URLs in. It all really depends on what's going on I suppose. I've pondered though; if there was a folder that could be monitored like PI to accept raw lists, this could be an interesting feature that would come in handy.

    PI still rules :).
  • I agree, with the right click import url list after sorting with PI I was on 60 LPM, but when exporting my scrapes into PI and then syncing the identified folder so that PI monitors harvest sessions from scrape box, then PI exports sorting results to the identified folder of SER I am getting 2-5 LPM.
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