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How important is deeplinking and You do it ?

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How important is deeplinking and You guys do it ?


  • Very and yes :D

    I tend to do most of my link building for ecom sites and it's usually a lot easier to rank products than it is categories, plus if ppl are searching for specific products, then it usually means they are at the buying stage
  • Dont u think risk in using automate tools for ecommerce.
  • Anybody else doing deep linking ?
  • @vinku there's a risk to any kind of link building whether manually or automated. 

    You have to make sure that anything that points directly to the ecom site is of decent quality and looks as though it could be human generated.

    @danhoff - You might want to catch @ron as he's had a lot more experience with SER and ecom sites
  • ronron
    Yes, deep linking is smart. It really doesn't matter if it's ecommerce or not. It's more work, but what else do have to do that's more important than making money?
  • @ron Well said :-)
  • @ron do u deeplink your sites ? When u drip feed with ser how many links u put in ur article? Do u also link to the inner page aswell or only the main domain...

  • ronron

    Just one link per article. I create separate projects for inner pages - and only if they are worthy and will make me money.

    Not all pages on a website warrant a SER project, or links for that matter.

  • @Ron - Would you set up projects for 50+ inner pages on a site that's about 5 months old? Most of my pages are pre-sells targeting long tails that cumulatively would mean a lot of traffic if they were all ranking. I'm running projects on 10 pages now and seeing positive movement in my serps across the board. It would be awesome to have all or most of these pages ranking. Do you have any suggestions on how you would schedule projects and the link velocity for a site that is targeting a lot of long tails?
  • ronron
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    If everything is very related I would probably take shortcuts so I wouldn't put a gun to my head.

    Assuming everything is pretty related: I would try to do it in one project with multiple urls specified in the url box - each with their own specific set of anchors in that same box.

    I would use the same generic niche article spin obviously with the standard anchor token. I would try to make sure the title of the articles was also more generic for the niche, meaning don't have blue widget in the title if you are also hawking green and purple widgets - just have 'widgets' - keep it more general.

    I would probably do 3 a day for each url, so if it's 40 inner pages, then a submission limit of 120 per day.

    After a couple of weeks I would lay down a Tier 2 mimicking everything in that Tier - just copy the project and make any necessary adjustments. And take it from there. Gradual escalation over the next weeks and months. You don't want to dwarf the importance of the main homepage so escalate as appropriate with that one.

  • @Ron - That helps a lot... Thanks for your thought out response.

    I have a tiered structure to the website with categories being my second tier and articles within each category set up as a third tier. So... I could save a ton of time by setting up projects for each category and rotating those urls within that project. Great suggestion Ron - Thanks again!

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