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Setup SER to mass post my website.

Hi is that possible to setup SER to mass post data from csv file to my site? Today i use imacros to do that but i would like to usa ser as it is multi thread and would be really faster. If yes where can i look to custom this? Thanks


  • SvenSven
    You mean to submit articles to your own sites? If so, you better use GSA Content Generator which is also able to post directly to wordpress.
  • Thanks sven yes kind post articles and fill others fields in the page acording to csv file. Processing each row of cvs file with diferrents collums for each field in the page and then moving to next row util process all the file. By the way my website is not word press is phpfox script can ser or content generator do that in multhread mode?

  • SvenSven
    phpfox is only possible by SER, however I can maybe add support in Content Generator for it if you send me an account in pm.

    BUT, I would not really like to add support for SER, at least not more than there is already in it. You can e.g. use the macro %columnspinfile% which is also accepting a csv file as argument.
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