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Can my domain get blacklisted/penalized if I use a domain email to spam with Website Contact?

Would it be better to just use a basic yahoo or hotmail account?

Just curious.
Want to stay safe :).


  • Why not buy a domain just for spamming? Something like sounds like a mailing service to me and if it get blacklisted you just use an another one.

    I wouldn't use my money site domain for spamming but rather for reputational reasons not because it could get penalized/blacklisted.
  • looplineloopline
    The answer is 100% yes you can get your domain on any number of blacklists.  Depending on how hot and heavy you go that blacklist could be just an annoyance and/or reduce overall delivery or if you get your self on the right blacklist your registrar can seize suspend your domain entirely. 

    Ive not had my hosting affected by blacklists (although by complaints) but it could happen depending on the host. 

    But if you even get on what I would call a "low level" blacklist, it could reduce deliverability, although its not the end of the world.  Ive managed to get on all sorts of blacklists in testing.  I always push the limits to see where it lands. 

    Then if you go really fast - time is key here, low and slow is the method, hot and heavy will get you on the blacklists - you get on a really bad blacklist.  Those get your domain shut down by your registrar. 

    Depending on the blacklist you can get off some of them.  If you ever get on one, just stop sending for that domain immediately.  Just kill all the campaigns running that domain immediately.  In 24 to 48 hours that will get you off some bad blacklists. 

    But if you get on a blacklist like Spamhaus, forget it, the domain is gone.  I have my opinions on spamhaus they may have a good intent but they are unethical in their approach. 

    At any rate it is what it is. 

    As noted by @TheGypsy Distance is key.   Remove your main business from your promotion, for reputation sake alone, but also for bans. 

    So if you have a .com register a .net or .org etc... or register something else entirely. 

    I don't even use the real business name for my clients, its  portion of the name or some other name that is related.  Just a little separation goes a  long way. j

    And so I just realized you said your domain email not domain, so the above is free then. 

    You can use an email of your alias/ancillary domain, like I talked about above, and thats perfectly normal, or you can use something else.  I use some hotmail and some of the domain its self. 

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  • Thanks for this wonderful tips! I just rather want to be safe than sorry :).
    I'll buy a domain for spamming only :).

    Thanks again for the advice! As always it's highly appreciated!
  • looplineloopline
    Your welcome.  Also I buy a lot of domains and spread my domains around to a few different registarars.  Also it doesn't seem that people tend to care much about the tld.  Rarely does someone look, and if they do they are probably looking too closely to buy something from you anyway. 

    I don't buy .coms or .nets

    I buy like


    etc.. and pay $1 or $2 each   I mean Im buying dozens of domains and it just doesn't make sense to spend hundreds of dollars when no one seems to care.  My 2 cents.
  • Understood. So .top or .online domains are cheaper (stupid question maybe :))?

    I have a plan in mind (please correct me if I am wrong) to set up a replica of my own site which is an escort directory, click no index in wp, and then bulkmail from that domain to hundreds of contacts something like "sign up blabla". After I will bulk import the data to my real domain. I hope I explained it somewhat easy :D. Is that a bad idea or how can I improve it?

    Thanks again for all the help. It's very valuable in creating my online dream! Please let me know if I can do something in return!
  • looplineloopline
    depends on the registrar, but lots of registrars will run sales, like I use dynadot and namecheap and hover and maybe 1 other. 

    But right now namecheap has like 20 different tlds that are $.48 so 48 cents.   dynadot seems to always have something for a buck, it changes around from time to time, but you get the point. 

    So a couple of thoughts

    First, these are going to be heavily business, so sending an "adult" offer to peoples work, thats going to get a LOT of backlash.  So I would host it on its own account if possible, because Im just telling you, be prepared for the storm. 

    Second, if they go to xyz domain to register and you import the data to abc, how is the user going to know to go to abc ? 

    Because I assume you are either after people to sign up to become an escort or people to hire escorts and in either case, unless your going to redirect them at some point how will they know? 

    I guess you could do an embed.  Get people to signup on your duplicated site and when they click signup either let them signup on that site but create their account directly on your main site or just redirect them to the main site. 

    That way if they are getting a confirmation mail, its coming from the main site and if they bookmark it its that.  I dont' know. 

    Ive never done this for registration on an actual site, only for site selling stuff and thats easier.  My clients sites are all ones that require someone to get on a phone call, so its a higher touch type. 

    The affiliate stuff, I just blast out a whatever domain and redirect directly to the affiliate link.

    So something like your plan, if not that exactly is probably the best I can think of.  Good luck! 

    Also don't be discouraged if its a low click thru rate, if there is any indication of what your promoting, lots of people are going to delete it. 

    Also follow the opt out laws for your country, and expect a high opt out percent.  Thats my 2 cents.
  • Veronique89Veronique89 Belgium
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    Hmm, good points. Made me think.

    Maybe I can bulkmail from the domain where my duplicate site is on and when the people come on the duplicate site and click on "sign up" I can redirect that page to the sign up page on my real domain? Is that dangerous in terms of getting my real domain penalized?

    I am working every day on my project, but because of the high competition I am only ranking on page 3 of Google (now 160 RD). I am doing this to get more content on my site from escorts/sexworkers. Maybe like that I'll rank a little faster for other keywords. I don't know.

    I am also thinking to scrape all the numbers of escort girls on other directories and than bulk sms them. Maybe that is a safer solution.

    Please do not hesitate me to tell if I become annoying :D. Also tell me if I need to transfer anything for the tips and help as I realize everybody's time is valuable!
  • looplineloopline
    That isn't likely to get you penalized.  So far what I have seen in testing is penalties, as far as the domain registrar, those only come from the domain that was used in the message its self, as that domain is whats getting scanned by all the mail servers. 

    It seems "dumb" in that regard.  Not dumb like thats lame, dumb like its not smart, it doesn't resolve the end url or anything else.  It just takes it at face value. 

    So what "could" happen is someone goes to the fake site, clicks signup, finds the real site, then reports your real site to your host for spam.  But lets be obvious here, if a host is hosting an escort site, its probably safe to assume they are at least somewhat of a tolerable host and not soft. 

    Also the couple times I have had a hosting complaint it looks to have been auto generated.  Meaning it passed thru some mail filter or some server and the server auto filed a complaint with the host. 

    For example I got a complaint on my opt out site.  Why file a complaint on the opt out site and not on the url being advertised?  A human would probably not do that.  But again that automated system isn't going to go to your site, and click signup to find out. 

    Plus its even more, your an adult site, its "edgy" most people might click around and explore on a site selling SEO or something, but signing up to an adult site, thats pretty much a black and white.  I mean they are either all in or all out.  My 2 cents.  not saying it can't happen, but Id say redirecting on signup is pretty safe. 

    Well, if I were you, and you want the sex workers to come and register on your site, I would see if they have contact forms on the other sites and message them.  Or mail them, but maybe they only do phones, I mean Ive never contacted such and don't know how the industry works, but if they have contact forms, that would be my first play as its low hanging fruit, given the conversation.  :) 

    No no need to transfer money.  Who knows maybe some  day you can return the favor, but thats not why I do what I do.  I just help because thats my nature. 

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  • Just buy catchall emails from @seospartans... they are the best available and work perfectly for GSA. I've never had a problem with them. They may look expensive but trust me, worth EVERY penny to not have to constantly have Yahoo emails that break every other day.
  • Apologies for the late reply!

    Yes, in the end you are right. It's too risky. It's better to reach these escort girls through contact forms on other sites as you said. A bot would be better for that as there are 1000's of profiles on other escort directories, but it seems it's hard to find a coder who can build such a bot (captcha protection, etc.). Guess I'll have to accept the fact that I need to do it manually :). Doesn't bring down my motivation though :)!

    Thanks again. Because of people like you my dream just comes closer slowly each day.
    Please do not hesitate to ask if I can do anything in return :)!

    Warm regards,
  • looplineloopline
    You @seoaddict have you tested catchalls with contact form marketing in so much that it gives an email address from a domain thats not related to the domain your advertising?

    @Veronique89 Go for it, Ive spent hours and hours and days and weeks manually pming people to solicit them.  I dont really do it any more, as I do it other ways, but its the grind. 

    Also you can higher a VA to do this sort of task.  Ive hired someone to do it in the past as well.
  • Apologies for the late notice. Went out yesterday to sit at the lake. Need that sometimes after hours after a laptop screen ;)

    I prefer to learn things myself (just want to learn so much) and when I really can't make it after several times I'll contact a VA. I'm a little stubborn from times to times :).

    Just want to update this thread that I might have found a solution for my problem. The software is called data miner. It can extract data and does auto form filling. Contacted the support and they said my request is very doable (great support btw). Hopefully this can help others too who struggle with the same problem. Will leave a comment next week about how it went.

    I wish everybody a wonderful weekend :)!
  • There is a possibility that your domain that was used in the email section of the spam would get listed on the blacklist - list, but I have tried that in the past, but I did not encounter any blacklist issue at all.

    Although your domain or IP may be listed in the spam-list, my hosting did not send me a warning - even if they do, perhaps you just let them know that it was a virus and you've addressed the issue respectively.
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