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Not getting GIF images

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
edited July 2018 in GSA Image Spider
Having trouble getting GIF images, very few results (1-5 pictures of "cats") after selecting all image platforms. 


  • SvenSven
    well most images are not in gif format thats for sure. If you have however some kind of engine that delivers gif'S that do not show up in results, I can try to debug it.
  • KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
    edited July 2018
    Would it not make sense to use Google/Yandex to pull images directly from search engines & just let your users sort out the inconsistencies ? (There will be very few if any)



    > Query: "cats filetype:gif"

    > Images

    Lots of relevant results.

    Additionally all links on first page of Yandex are full of sites loaded with cat gifs.

    Same thing applies to other big search engines.
  • SvenSven
    you have a lot search sources, including yandex.
  • But I am having trouble fetching something as simple as cat gifs.

    Simple search for "cat gifs" in Yandex yields a lot of results which can be extracted quite easily. I'm having issues getting same effect with your software.

    Try it yourself, maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  • SvenSven
    yandex often banns your ip...i have debugged this and for me it is banning after 1st page i guess :/
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