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How to set up Berman VPS

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Hi there,

So I've just purchased the Berman VPS, I'm using Windows Vista and I've entered the details they've given me at Berman into my Remote Desktop Connection (IP, username and password), and nothing happens / works.

Have I missed around 1 million steps or is Berman not working? 

Sorry for the unrelated GSA post - I'm using GSA but want to use it on this VPS :)


  • Check on the client area, to see if the vps is up and running. There are no more steps than those that you are doing.
  • Did you by any chance started that connection after setting it up? :) Sorry for silly question but that might be an issue?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Also Berman has a chat support. They will assist you to get it up and running quickly. 
  • Thanks guys, I think I just spoke too soon, I received an e-mail a few hours after I purchased it with all the details and a confirmation that it's now live.

    For those reading this forum, I set it up easily and it's working perfectly.. has been on auto-pilot for around 3days now and no hassles.

  • I'm super impressde with the speed it's almost as good as running it on my desktop stand alone.

    just seeing the OS crash 1-2 times a da using windwos 2008 enterprise.  anyone else with a simliar issue?
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