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Awaiting account verification


  • SvenSven
    It usually shows this when an account was created on that webpage and now SER is waiting for an email to come in that can be verified to start actual login and submission.

    If you see this a lot, then make sure your email account is testing successfully in project options.
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  • so how to set catchall email and how we implement it properly.
    and how many we use catchall email id 
  • SvenSven
    the question is: why you need a catchall email at all? Do you use scheduled posting with more than one account per site (off by default)? If so, it might as well work if you use just as many email accounts as wanted accounts per site.

    If you really need a catch all account then you must have access to one where anything before the can be used. And thats usually only possible when buying such a thing on this forum in Buy/Sell/Trade section or if you have full control over this domain.

    If you have not, and just a simple email account from gmail or anywhere else, then simply not use catchall as it will not work.
  • 1. yes I have full control over this domain Email
    2. Also, I want scheduled posting
    3. and yes I want to create accounts per site

    also, tell me when to email send to the account verification for email then its send to the spam folder then how can we solved for the spam folder and how to stop for the sending spam folder mailing.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    If you're hosting the catchalls yourself, you should be able to find out what happened with those sites.

    Assuming you're using cPanel / WHM, you need to login to WHM and search email logs for emails mentioning those domains in their body. 

    Then you'll know if the email arrived at all. If it didn't, it's (most likely) not your fault and the website probably detected automated submission and did not send a verifiaction email.

    If it arrived, you should probably be able to tell if it landed in spam folder or not. 

    Regardless of that, you need to disable all email filters (as you don't want any "account verification" emails landing in the spam folder).

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