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Is it possible to have specific keyword attached to an article? Maybe a macro?

I'm trying to pull random images related to my keyword and attach it to an article.

While I am doing that I also try to post on websites that have keywords relevant to my niche.

Sometimes I'm faced with an issue where 1 field for keywords is not enough.

What I'm trying to accomplish:

1) Find a website related to keyword "Vegetables" using GSA
2) Now we attempt to post a pre-written article about "Tomatoes"
3) Somewhere in article I want to include a picture of "Tomatoes" (query to search engines)

Can anyone think of a trick to make this sort of posting viable?


  • SvenSven
    - adding images based on your keyword happens automatically.
    - related websites based on the keyword as well but not on a more general keyword. You might have to pre-scrape them and add as custom urls

  • KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
    edited July 2018
    That's what I do right now.  =p
  • 1. SER does that automatically plus you can filter the results with the built in filter.
    2. You can fill a folder with articles written about tomatoes and use macros in SER article manager to post those for you.
    3. I would buy Sven newish GSA Image Spider tool and scrape for tomatoes. Manually skim through them and keep only those images that are really tomatoes. Save the URLs then add those URLs to SER Article Manager.

    If one field for keywords is not enough then duplicate a project and then you have two keyword fields.
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