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What is the benefit of the CG addons???

I try to use the CG addons but it's nothing return any SEO values (Don't Not pass the authority coz of re=nofollow)
Let me know TheBigWeb  why you recommend insert social media addons the CG I'm not understand.
I asked the clarification in WhiteHAT experts.
They have replied. Linked to social media It's waste of time.

Pedro said:


No. YouTube links will only carry traffic. There's no ranking benefit associated with it.

OICWeb said:

As far as I know, most social media platforms nofollow their links as well. If you are going to take the article you link to into account, you need to pay attention to how they mention following google guidelines. It is important.

As far as links to your site go, here are those guidelines: Link schemes

I'm not a technical person so I can learn what the experts say.
If any experts elaborate me what is the benefit of the CG addons insert in my articles? Is it worth or useless ????
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