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Scheduling projects for authority sites?

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I have an authority site that's 4 months old with approximately 50 pages as of right now. My current keyword blueprint sits at about 150 and I'm adding 3 to 5 new pages each week to the site. Most of the discussions here seem to be geared towards 5 to 10 page mini-sites so I was curious what approaches are being used for sites with more keyword targeted pages.


  • Are you trying to rank each of these internal pages for some search term? If not, then the fact that they exist on your site does not really matter for the purposes of using SER. If you are trying to rank these pages, then the same tactics/suggestions would apply.
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    @DavidA2... I'd like to rank most of the pages. I guess my question is whether or not it's safe to set up projects for all of my pages at the same time... or should I focus on a handful of URL's and work on ranking those first.
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