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Improved Forum Posting

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
edited June 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I'm working on creating quality forum posts that pass as humans and deliver actual value to search engines.

Is there anyone out there who managed to replicate Article Manager to work with forums?

(Think Forum Manager)
Only post 1 thread per forum, don't repeat threads, etc etc.

As of now GSA has a lot of limitations when it comes to scheduled forum postings. Help me think of some ways to post on forums without causing too much commotion. It's quite hard to post new threads on forums with GSA (like real person) as there is only 1 field for content & thread title. In order for it to work I have to stop the project after forum postings have completed, I then enable scheduled posting, change text content & resume the project after.

There is gotta be a better way.

I was thinking of duplicating projects, inputting same username/password for each other & defining content within each project. Creating poorly made version of Article Manager for forums, in an essence.

Any tips?


  • SvenSven
    You can still use %article% or %article_title% as macros in the forum content and still use the article manager for it.
  • Wont threads repeat if I do that?

    Let's say I setup article + forum project, will options in article manager apply when using article macros in forum posting field?
  • SvenSven
    yes all options from there apply.
  • Oh wow, that's really cool! Just what I needed. 

    If I use %random_article% in forum comment field and %article_title% in forum subject, will %article_title% be pulled from the corresponding article related to %random_article%?
  • SvenSven
    %random_article% is not using the article manager...that one will build a random article on its own using your keywords and scrapers. Just use %article% and it is using a random one from the article manager and the corresponding title.
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