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Craigslist test doesnt work

Hi all, the Craigslist test (and also the google email verify test) under options-->automatic search-->test proxies against gets an ERROR for the CL script when I click "test" --can anyone provide a working set of parameters for a craigslist test and preferably a working string example to be able to set a CL flag also so I can export only CL working proxies? thanks! 


  • SvenSven
    craiglist works fine...if that TEST within the option's GUI is not working for you, then most likely because of the fact that your own IP is blocked there.
  • ok - it (that test) gave me an error several times so I deleted it from the list (so the full test list would complete), can you provide the needed code so I can manually add it back into the list of tests? Thanks
  • SvenSven
    just install the program again and you have the script there again.
  • oh right , thanks
  • the app is still exporting  proxies that are blacklisted at CL even though I have the CL test checked....
  • SvenSven
    did you modify the script to TAG proxies as such? If not, there is no way for the export to know if that text passed unless you test exclusively against that script.
  • got it thanks
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