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way to know if SER is working or not (stop or start button) programmatically

I'm working on script that need to stop and/or start GSA SER
I'm using SendMessage to stop/start/refresh SER (thanks to Sven instructions)
but I need 1st to define id the software is started or stopped, so I will be able to send to proper request
what about GetWindowText if it may work, then what is the exact handler/windows/windowEX I should search for?


  • SvenSven
    TForm1 should be the one you need.
  • BShahinBShahin Egypt
    edited June 2018
    Yes awesome I noticed some difference:
    when it is not running:
    the projects will be as the following:
    'P: 26'
    but when it is running it shown as the following:
    'P: 26 (1)'

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