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How to use seccuee?

Everyone's, how to Use gsa contact success? Have use more search engine or popular search engine? Have target country?  Because use the few months but no any results.


  • looplineloopline
    edited June 2018
    Your asking a lot of generic broad questions, can you be more specific? 

    You need to determine if your not getting a lot of contact forms submitted or not getting a lot of clicks or conversions.  

    There are so many steps and if even 1 is done poorly it shoots the whole thing in the foot. 

    I do contact form marketing for clients and affliates and Ive done a lot of different things, and I have some clients that cover every base on their end and I cover everything on my end and we both make good money. 

    I have clients that I cover my end and they have holes in theirs and no one makes money. 

    So maybe a birds eye view is

    Getting messages delivered
    Dealing with opt outs and blacklists and all the stuff you need to
    Not getting domains on blacklists
    Dealing with complaints when they happen

    The subject has to sell the open

    The message has to sell the click to the site

    The lander has to sell whatever your trying to do, if thats sell something or get an appointment or a lead magenet or tripwire purchase or whatever. 

    So step 1 is getting a message delivered and having a system that tracks opt outs.  So whats your success rates?  how many total messages have you been able to successfully send?

    Also worth noting, this is a lot like cold email, its not a case of you get traffic to a crappy lander and make bank.  You really have to have a great system in place from start to finish or your not likely to make solid money.

    Means, this isn't easy, its hard work and there is no such thing as overnight success. 
  • Hi, r u open how many project to u promote one product or two products? R u target country?
  • looplineloopline
    I have many campaigns, clients and servers doing contact form marketing. 

    I target USA and then non USA.  I have 5 million targets that I can submit to that are USA domains and then 4 million non usa (still building the non usa). 

    Also I add more daily. 

    So yes I work with multiple businesses.  As for targeting other countries, it can be done via the ip of the host and/or tld as a reasonable method, although I don't have stats on that exactly. 

    right now I have built the usa list based on usa registration data, but it tooks months and months to build so Im always looking for the best method, about to try the ip method. 

    Did that answer your question?  not sure I clearly understood what you were asking.
  • R u use many target keywords set up different campaign? Or just use same keyword set up different campaign?
  • looplineloopline
    I tend to work with databases I already have, most businesses I work with take a broad approach and service the whole USA for example.  Or its a relevant offer of some kind. 

    But if I wanted to go by a niche, you could scrape yellow pages for your keywords and zip codes etc.. 
  • Hi, r u recommend just scraped yellow page only? Because I promote the facebook products only. 
  • looplineloopline
    There isn't a wrong answer.  I try all sorts of things and stick with what works.  So test 27 different things and expand on the ones that work.
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