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GSA Doesn't Show Long URL/Keyword Spins in Projects

Hi @sven,

I recently built a new "server" to be dedicated for some GSA projects. Also to run Proxy Scraper etc (which I'm about to buy). The problem is that after transferring the projects from my laptop (which was the server before), to this new PC, projects with long URLs (subpages) + long anchor spins show up as blank in the project details.

The PC has all the same updates/ C++ Redistributables going back all the way to 2008. The projects were transferred in the same way I've always done it before without any issue. I backup the AppData folder, and the root GSA folder, install GSA, and replace the files from both folders. Then open + register + update GSA to the latest version.

But for some reason, on this PC, projects with a lot of URLs/long anchor spins show as being blank until you click "Edit URLs" then it shows them. Any idea what could be causing this?

Note: It only happens in projects where a lot of URLs/anchors are used. Projects with only a few URLs and short anchor spins appear properly.


  • SvenSven
    even if they show as blank, does the TEST/Preview still show them correctly?
  • Yes they do. Tested like 10+ times and every time the previews showed properly. Any idea what would make them not show in the project details though? Something with the OS? Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64... using same tweaks/settings as old laptop had that was running these projects before. Only thing is maybe less Windows updates, as I only did the crucial ones (hotfixes, user driver framework 1.11, kernel frameowrk 1.11,  IE11, etc) on here.
  • SvenSven
    Yes must be the windows system. It is known that the size of an edit field is limited when being displayed. Happened before, so maybe it's time to just limit the amount of anchors you put to the end of an url. If you really need so many different anchors, then maybe its a better idea to split that up in different projects.
  • Eh, as long as the functionality is there, I really don't care if I can or can't see the URLs. Adding a ton of anchors/etc to the end is just the way I'm able to get specific anchors/etc to work with specific URLs (subpages, etc, which may need different anchor sets than 1 generic one that's done from instead the project settings).

    Either way -- it's fine, I was mainly just trying to figure out if there's some update that I didn't download that wouldn't caused this, or if it was a known issue and a known fix. But if not, it's not that big of a deal (hopefully since the previews work fine, the submissions will as well).
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