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Has anyone used GSA for negative seo purposes?

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Recently i found one of my own sites negative seo'ed. I must have caused a huge stir, being on the 1st page of Google for those 50M keywords.

I know who the guy is, at least, im pretty sure i know which site this guy is from since i found one of my classifed ads hacked yesterday. He actually logged into my account then changed my site URL to his. I was wondering where my sales were for the past 2 weeks only to find that he was redirecting all my traffic to his own site. Im still trying to work out how he did that since you require and email address and pw, an email address i dont use.

But im digressing. Here you will see two of my keywords backlinked to hell and back


So iv decided to give him back some of his own medicine. Guess how?


Now usually, im not a vendictive person but right now im pretty POED and angry enough to grab all my SEO tools and to do a number on his site.

He only ranks for one keyword that should be enough to kick his ass into oblivion.



  • So he got you by using the exact anchor over again.. or did he use spam anchors?

    Since youre in ahref.. how many links a day did you receive approx, and when did your site tank after he started the 'campaign'?

    Did take a look at the links? Lots of blogs or forum profiles? That would point to scarpebox or xrumer then..

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    He use the exact match anchors

    I saw about 500+ links discovered by Google p/d.

    The site tanked in the second week of Jan. For 7 days he pumped out links then they stopped.

    Shortly after that the site lost rank for one exact match and went into oblivion.

    Then he started up on Feb 21 - 27 it stopped. What you see above are the results.

    He was going for 3 exact match anchors i was ranking for but only 1 has been affected. Thankfully, even though the site was on page 1 it was not the anchor that make me 130k last year.

    The anchor he really want to affect is still on page 1 position #2 which has 24k of links sent too it.

  • I personally did not use SER for such purpose, it may be possible with blog comments, forum, directory, guestbook, image comment.. however he also may come back at you
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    Its ok, he can do that but i actually saw anchor 1 return due to his 25k hit and its back up there on page 5. So he must have ran out of all those chinese links and started giving me some higher quality links.

    As for my link to him, they are all from Russia, NL, and all the chinese forum links i can find. :)

  • Would be interesting to see if you can pull this off and document it by ahrefs.. like a case study ;)

    Your site must have good authority to withstand and bounce back
  • Which is why i think he stopped linking on the 27th. I may use GAS now to hit all the other keywords in my list to bring up the totals. I dont normally do direct GSA linking to the money site but in this case i will have to do something to dilute the percentages.
  • get a VPN account, 50 proxies, only use the crapspam stuff like blog, image, etc.. and nuke can pump 200LPMs easy with SER..... approx 10% will stick of those..

    BUT, in the mean time..... build up a new site....... you never know

    but tyour post reminds me of what I asked in the past.
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