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account verification

how to verified waiting for account verification submitted URL using a catchall email in GSA and how to improve LPM


  • SvenSven
    thats happening by itself once SER logs into that account and starts checking emails.
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  • how to increase verified links submission 
  • SvenSven
    Thats a wide topic that I can not discuss without further details to your current setup.
  • Send me your setup screenshot
  • SvenSven
    no, you have to show me yours! Mine are for my SEO strategy, not yours.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited June 2018
    "no, you have to show me yours! Mine are for my SEO strategy, not yours." -Sven

    Good example of how to be assertive, Sven! :)  This is a trait we all should learn...well, me at least.  :|

    I always just feel uncomfortable when ppl ask me for my verified link lists  or other stuff like my articles on other sites.

    Are they serious? And it's all tailored to my own keywords and projects, anyway!!!

    "how to increase verified links submission"  -rosygown

    Well, think about it. Why might a submission be rejected?

    -Identified Spam Proxies

    -Poor content

    -Poorly SPUN content

    -Multiple posts of same article on one smaller site

    -Spammy comments

    -Messed up .dat files leading to spinCRAP.

    -Wrong settings on GSA Content Generator or whatever program u use

    -Identified Spam Email

    _Identified Spam Username [?]

    Probably lots more. Anyone have anything else??

  • Hay sven here is my SEO strategy snapshot

    1.png 218.7K
    2.png 159.7K
    3.png 161.3K
    4.png 389.7K
    5.png 261.4K
    6.png 377.9K
    7.png 323.2K
    8.png 278.2K
  • SvenSven
    1st image: all fine
    2nd image:

    - increase the custom time to wait between search queries to 120 sec
    - enable to option to restart project again ?

    3rd image:

    - remove bad proxies ... increase that to be way higher to not parse and check the same proxies again and again
    - 300 threads seems a bit too much...keep that smaller
    - public proxies are a general problem of course so you might want to consider using private once?
    - the option to "remove proxies if not anonymous" is useless as you do not test for anonymous proxies
    - 120 sec as timeout is way to much. you should set it to 10 sec max.
    - set the test of proxies to "Good only" and then activate the box to test previously working

    4th image: all fine

    5th image:

    - no need to activate the last option to only submit article once as you dont use scheduled posting anyway

    6th image:

    - change "ASK USER" to RANDOM
    - no search engines choosen?

    7th image: all fine
    8th image: all fine if email account actually works

  • wew... that settings is raely bad bro
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