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Email accounts

ClintNClintN Australia
edited June 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Is the recommendation to "add" fresh email accounts to the project, or "replace" the current email accounts in the project data with fresh new email accounts?

I am hesitant to replace/remove email accounts in case I want to remove links, or prevent a submitted link becoming a verified link because the email address has been removed.

What is "best practice" for GSA SER emails


  • SvenSven
    removing email accounts from the project settings is only a problem for accounts who still need verification by email. IF you e.g. uncheck them in the list and keep them there for like a day, you can remove them afterwards without problems.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "uncheck them in the list and keep them there for like a day" @Sven

    Sven, might the time to keep unchecked emails be longer than a day if I run a project, but then do not run that same project the next day, therefore not giving SER the opportunity to verify it?

    @ClintN, I had kept emails in my catchalls for waaaaaaaay too long and the box was getting full. Now I have my email set to delete old emails after a few days.

    Whether you're adding OR replacing e-mails (and I guess there are times you may do either??), you should definitely do it as Sven described so you don't lose any potential account activation e-mails, which was your initial concern.

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