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Proxy Scraper improvement

edited June 2018 in Feature Requests

is it possible to let the proxy scraper scrape proxys from sites that have a uncommon format?

so for example at the moment the proxy scraper can only scrape proxys from sites in this format IP:Port right?

but there are plenty of sites which have proxies not in IP:Port format like

ive found a workaround to do it manually... if i press ctrl+a and ctrl+c on a proxy site with uncommon format and put it in a  proxy filter like  it gives me the raw proxys back in IP:Port format

is it possible to add thisfeature to the proxy scraper that do it automatic ?

and is it possible to add multiple provider urls instead one by one ?

thank you


  • SvenSven
    Well it should extract proxies from everywhere as long as a port follows an ip or domain. There doesn't have to be a ":" between them.
  • ye you are right i tested it succesfully :D ty
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