SolveRecaptcha "Login" -- User ID or actual Login?


I'm testing SolveRecaptcha captcha service, but in the settings, you have "Login," but in their API calls section, it says a number that is my "User ID". My login to the service is different than this ID. Do I use the "User ID" or my actual Login name for the service?

No matter what you enter in the forum on GSA, if you press "Test" it says successful, even if you enter random I want to make sure I'm entering the right information so it works...



  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    the problem is, they changed the api somehow and i am not able to access there document for the changes right now. if you can share your account in pm, I can try to debug this somehow.
  • Sent. Thanks man!
  • @Sven Sent you a message, I'm guessing the "login" in GSA is the USER_ID number? Just making sure so I don't miss links from configuring it improperly.
  • SvenSven
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    login = user_id, key=password
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    @solvecaptchas Sadly I had to cancel your service (for now, although I may sign back up when my subscription ends) because your website is down 100% of the time. I haven't been able to login in weeks, I've seen no evidence that it's actually working. I'm testing the "0" for user_id now to see if there's any difference

    Until you can prove it's actually doing something (some basic statistics about solved vs sent, daily figures, etc?), and make your website reasonably stable (as in, up for more than 5 minutes in 3 weeks), it's hard to justify the service. It seems like when you send out the "lifetime" emails, the website works for a few hours, then it's back to being down again. I've been tempted to purchase a spot many times, but feel the system needs a lot of work.

    You also claimed to switch servers a few weeks ago, yet your new server is even worse than the old one (which was at least up for a few hours a day). How am I supposed to believe that someone who cannot even keep a website online in 2018, is going to have a system that can solve recaptcha v2 with 100% accuracy? I have my doubts.

    Hopefully in the future it will be stable, have some sort of at least basic statistics that show what's going on so we know if the program is utilizing it properly... then I'm all for using it and recommending it to everyone I know.
  • @solvecaptchas

    Its still down for everyone in the USA, just as it’s been for 30+ days.

    Tried on mobile, down.
    Tried on PC, down.
    Tried on 4 browsers, down.

    Called friend who lives on the other side of the country, down.

    Fix your website, this is seriously embarrassing. It’s been down for 30+ days for everyone in the most profitable market in the world (USA).
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    It seems actually making the user_id "0" may have helped a bit. But I can't even re-signup, because your website is down for everyone in the USA. I've asked 3 friends who live all across the country to test it, and all of them report it as being down. I haven't been able to even load the homepage in 3+ weeks.

    Confirmation is here:

    It's not just me, it's down for everyone.
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