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Would it be possible to have GSA Projects Auto-Stop When Total Verified For All Exceeds Set Limit

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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I had asked in the past about having Groups be able to have a link limiter set for them, as projects do.

So, you could have Group "Sick Projects" consisting of Project A, Project B, and Project C, all totaling 50 S or V links, however, let randomness decide in precisely which permutation (20-10-20,30-5-15,etc...)  

...............I will try to find and link to the post.

Now, I am inquiring about an easier mod, a  switch to de-activate ALL running projects when sum of all Verified/Submitted reaches the user-set limit.

I personally would find this mod extremely useful, tho I still hope the GSA team finds both ideas useful and worth implementing in terms of time versus return of feature utility.

The start of a new week at GSA! :) Here's to progress, pplz!~ :)


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    I do not believe it is possible to pause or stop on a per group basis, but you are able to do it on a per project basis.

    Maybe what you can do for a group, is to just set the limit for each project.
    So if you have 3 projects in your group and you want the group to only do 100 verified's in a day, then set  each of the projects as follow:
    • Project 1 - pause at 33 Verified per day
    • Project 2 - pause at 33 Verified per day
    • Project 3 - pause at 33 Verified per day

    that way the group as a whole will not exceed 100 per day

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2018
    Thanks, @RoyalMice. :)

    I know about the per-project limits.  I use these already at times.

    Even know about the +/- so it can vary day by day.  :)

    But that's a little different than what I mean, but can be used in conjunction with an "on exceed total links" kill switch for either groups or the entire run.

    I know Sven is probably reluctant to add anything to SER for good reasons.

    I see why. SPEED!

    Every line of code added takes clock cycles and that slows down SER. So of course, features that aren't crucial when projects are running are avoided, likely.

    Each project seems to run as a separate thread.

    So if there were another separate thread, dedicated solely to checking group limits for all groups with shutoffs set, GSA wouldn't have to create a new thread for each new "group" that has a shut-off set, doing logic to shut off on too many links for groupsets all at once in that one module.


    just a single simple kill switch for all running projects to stop....


    1. SER is already counting links, so that's coded.

    2. SER already has means to shut down (on XX:YY:ZZ condition (timer)), so that's coded.

    A single conditional to stop the projects and trigger the (already codedsee #2 above) auto-shutdown sequence is very light and as not time-intensive as the group limiter I was considering. :p

    Besides a single conditional to point to already written code on exceed user-set value in Verified total, SER would require an entry in the options menu, and a value for the user to set there and used for comparison in step 2.

    In any case, it's fun to consider. :)

    But I am new to SER and Sven is it's creator. In time, some of my ideas may not seem so useful to me as they do presently. :)
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