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Add ability to check Copyscape before submission

Hey @Sven

Wondering if you've ever considered adding an option to "check Copyscape before submitting". Where we could insert our Copyscape API key and/or username/password  (whichever is required) and GSA would check Copyscape before submitting articles.

Now obviously for mass posting this would be too resource-consuming, but for Network posting, for example, it would save me (and I imagine others) a lot of time, because as it is now, I have to manually log in and check all my articles for Copyscape after they're posted. It could perhaps be an option in the project settings that's off by default, "Check Copyscape before posting"... and if it fails the Copyscape check, the log would say "failed Copyscape, skipping posting to target".

I looked through the macro and coding guide and didn't see any way to do this, is there a way currently? If so, I'm not opposed to modifying my network posting engines to add this variable in... but I couldn't find any information about it.


  • SvenSven
    This is part of GSA Content Generator where you should check things like that before importing to SER. I think this is much more logical doing it before actually using it in SER.
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