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Fantastic Content CMS!

New verssion.  Content CMS v3.3

- A generation in 40+ languages without limits, proxies and captchas
- Creation “on the fly” of unique and adaptive patterns on the CSS pre-processor LESS
- The parser of key words with complete overriding of the services - Google, Google News, Google Shopping, Google Books, Youtube, Google videos, Google images, Yahoo, Bing, Ebay, Amazon, Twitter, Baidu, Yandex, Google play, Google play apps, Google play movies, Google play books.
- Posting of the pages in the social network Pinterest.
- The built-in functional of a content distribution for the users and crawlers (Cloaking), the references to affiliate programs and other necessary utensils are already closed for access of the search engines.
- Flexible settings of exemption words by the generation of content.
- Maximal randomisation by compilation of templates and the content of pages.
- The proxying of images.
- Three variants of displaying of video clips.
- Inheritance of the trust of drop-domains.
- Creation of a logotype by installation.
- The in-built statistics of the reviews of websites by the crawlers, the banning of bots.
- Ping of the pages in the search systems.
- And other features and algorithms, introduced in CMS for the maximal traffic.
Some data:
- One Website can generate up to several tens of thousands unique visitors per day depending on the selected theme Does not require any skills or knowledge – the whole mechanism operates “from the box” with a single button, the most advanced algorithms are already introduced in the system!
- Exceptionally simple, fast and SEO-optimised engine (5 MB without the database).
- The best solution for commercial websites for attraction of traffic and consumers.
- 100 times cheaper than the contextual advertising, attracts traffic during the whole period of operation.
- A perfect solution for earnings in the Internet and monetisation of the traffic in affiliate programmes.
- A perfect indexation by the search engines.

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