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Add thread limit for SEREngines

We are all aware of how much CPU resources and memory SEREngines uses up when it has it's threads running.  What I propose is that there be an option to limit the amount of SEREngines threads that can run at any one time. For example - if someone has SEREngines running, then can limit the SEREngines threads to 5, yet still be able to set their max threads to 100 and then have 95 threads to utilize for other purposes.  THis right here will solve that problem that most people are having when running SEREngines and having their VPS/CPU resources max out because of it.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Good idea. :)

    I usually just run SEREngines isolated from other projects, with thread count set very, very low.   But it would be cool to be able to run with other SER projects...
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