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Does GSA and/or CB rely on GPU?

Hi @Sven and anyone else who knows.

Does GSA/CB use GPU power when processing / rendering webpages / posting / solving captchas / scraping / etc?

I am turning my old system (i7-3930k 6 core - 32gb ram - still a beast after 6 years - but recently upgraded to 8700k) into a server and am debating between using an old graphics (which has really high power consumption) or getting a $50 GT710 off Amazon and save $250/year in electricity expenses.

I would assume that there is some GPU involved in rendering (if GSA uses some sort of acceleration), but also know that the process itself is majority CPU-based. So what do you think? Should I use my (really) old, power hungry GTX580, or buy a low profile GT710 for $50 and save on power / less noise etc?


  • Okay well I tested one of my GSA installs with Process Explorer open, and it seemed to be at 0% GPU usage... so I'm just going to buy this little cheap card for my server.
  • SvenSven
    no gpu usage...thats really not needed. Max. CB could use that but switching things to gpu and do the little math over there is a huge wast of resources.
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  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Why wouldn't you just run things of the integrated GPU on the 8700k? That should be more than enough for everything you want this server to do.
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    ??? ... Because the server is going to be running 24/7 scraping, and I turn my 8700k off at night... Also, because I want to do it... and I have money, and I can? And I’m not going to let a 3930k 32gb ram just sit around and die. Even today that CPU/Mobo/32gb DDR3 combo would cost you several hundreds. I’m busy building networks, coding, building money sites on my main PC. I do use GSA on it, in many ways that don’t involve scraping, mainly content template assembly / network posting / etc.

    Currently I have 2 laptops both running GSA as VPS. 50000 connection cap DDWRT 512mb router on 150mbps. The problem is that one of the laptops is old, from around the time I got into the game... 10 years ago. It can only run at 5-10 threads (dual core).

    So the old laptop will be retired and the “Spam Box” will be built. Monday in fact.

    And integrated GPU on 8700k? That’s gross. I have a 980ti, and don’t even play games.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Chill man, was just trying to give you advice to save money and I figured you upgraded the old server with that 8700k, not your main rig. 

    But all in all, SER doesn't give a s**t which GPU you have, nor does it care how many GBs of RAM you have since it's a 32bit app. It only cares about your CPU.

    So get the cheapest low-power GPU you can find if you want to save money on electricity and call it a day.
  • @Hinkys

    Yes, I just built a new 8700k PC.

    My old i7-3930k is still quite relevant even today and will run GSA wonderfully. (6 core- 3.2ghz- 3.8ghz boost). I ordered a smaller case and it will sit in a corner and run 24/7. The reason for this question is because the graphics card is the next thing after CPU that affects electricity costs the most. So instead of using a high-end GPU in this “server” I decided to just get a $50 GT710, which will save me $200-250/year according to PSU calculator. It should in theory only cost me $200/year to run this machine 24/7/365.
  • Cpu will do the process faster than gpu . So no need for the the time and effort waste when he can use it making gsa ser a more powerful tool than it is now
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