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Can I run the software at 99% CPU Usage in a VPS all the time?

edited February 2013 in Need Help

I just got my berman hosting VPS today. (extra package 2gb ram /2x3.8ghz cores)

If I put 150 threads, CPU usage is always 99%, but it goes pretty fast.  (leaving monitoring resources box unchecked)
But Im not sure if I could fry the VPS or something... or maybe they will cancel my account for heavy usage...??? 

Is it safe to run it like that???



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Usually if a VPS resources are maxed out for too long or it reaches max resources it will automatically restart.
  • VPS usually restarts with insufficient memory, not high CPU load. I have SER woring on VPS weeks with 99% of CPU load, so if memory have 20-30% free it will works. Look careful at memory as SER sometimes need to do operations what use more memory and than back to average. If You dont give some % extra free it can crash server during this operations. So with 2GB of ram dont use more like 1,6GB and all should work fine ;)
    SER has also checkbox to go lower with threads when CPU usage is to high.
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