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Gsa ser engines update (over 400 engine)


as you know guys i have been working on engines development for gsa ser / cb

i managed to create an a plus version of the existing engines to find target urls 30 times more than usual
by investigating thousends of sites and footprints

  • i also made over 50 edu gov engine and created my own method of verification (incredibly fast)
  • i made over 200 directory engine and creating more day by day (in gsa ser and and verified lists of most of lists providers i only got about 10 refering domain of directoriesso that sucks cuz they are very good in ranking) also no need for text captcha sovling service cuz the awnsers are integrated withing each engine in order to get the maximum speed possible
  • i also created over 100 article submitters engines (some gov and edu also)
  • i removed the dead footprints from some exciting engines and those that get ur ip ban so fast
  • Am working on web 2.0 and managed to finish lot of engines (my target is all the 140 known web 2.0) but not with gsa ser scripts so they will be released later after i manage to integrate them with gsa ser
  • I created and enhanced gsa cb to solve for those engines and some with 100 percent rates
  • Most of the engines that will cost u money (recaptcha 2) will not be release till i finish my project of scripting an ocr for recaptcha 2 and am very close to that. And the access to the server will be for free for the users of the engines
  • Created over 100 scraper for gov and edu with very specific footprints (hundreds more footprints added to each engine cuz in gov and edu we dont care which coutry and language so i investigated sites from every country)
  • Am working on new wiki, directory,forums engines but it might take a week or more cuz i have to make it support all languages and footprints to find targets should be precise in order to save time and money.
  • Engines Domain Authority from +95 to twenties
  • And lot more to come
But my only problem is the security .. how do i encrypt my engines like SErEngines.. do u know guys any good api security methods that i can use in order to publish those engines.. in order to provide the api to sven to put it in gsa ser.

i will announce the release date next week.


  • @Sven do u know to encrypt the engines and only allow access by api?
  • @sven why not responding i sent u dozen of email for the past weeks 0 responses !! u still alive
  • SvenSven
    I reply now: The fact that this person scams off other people with fake-new-engines didn't refused me to work with him together in any way. He was banned before and with this new account he continued his shady business.
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