Strange referral traffic

Has anyone got any idea about what this site could be?
I'm getting referral traffic from this site but I have no idea what they are up to:


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    They use ref spam bot. What stats script do you use on your site? This kind of bot is golden, it can bring you tons of traffic. Imagine they ref spam milion websites like yours in 1-2 days - how massive traffic they receive! I suggested to Sven to make such bot but he wasn't interested. I would pay even $100 for this tool.
  • They probably receive massive traffic but what is the ROI with such traffic? At the end this isn't a highly targeted traffic so if the tool isn't super cheap to run then in my opinion it wouldn't worth much.
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    The referral traffic trick was a trick in the past - most cpanel would come with 2 free web stat software, and these ref spam bot would create as many hit as it could, so that the web owner like you, would go and checkout their page. They used to be able to get a link to their website through the web stat page - but it seems that this trick was plugged instead.
    Used to try using the ref spam bot in the past, small amount of traffic, but nothing significant.
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  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    you usually get that all the time, try to filter your GA account
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