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Ref spam feature

Hello Sven
i have idea for new software you can release. GSA ref spam tool would be great for generating real targeted traffic. If you could make advanced ref spam bot which can send fake raferrers to most popular stat scripts like Google Analitics, Wordpress Jetpack stats, etc. - i can pay even $120 for this bot. Nowadays there is no working ref spam app on the market. Scrapebox ref spam doesn't work, xrumer ref spam doesn't work (with GA and most popular stat scripts) because these tools don't emulate browser. To leave fake referrer on most stat scripts - browser emulation must be implemented. I think you can make a bot like this, bacause your tools are the best in the market. Please consider this, i'm sure you will get a lot of customers including me.


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but this sounds not legal to me and we prefer to stay out of any problems.
  • It's nothing illegal. Only email spam is illegal. Ref spam is just like comment spam but in different way. You have ref spam option already in GSA SER (Referrer engine) but it works only with awstats, drupal track, plesk stat. If you could add Google Analitics feature it would be great (not for backlinks, just for traffic)
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