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Links created by GSA is hardly detected by ahrefs


This past 3 months i feel backlinks created by GSA is hardly detected by ahrefs, any clue for this problem?

I use 'contextual links' only in my projects, created 2.000 links using GSA and in 4-7 days ahrefs only see 100 links..

The problem is on ahrefs side (slow crawler) or on the sitelist i use (not updated sitelists for long time and keep using old sitelists)?

I subscribed on 2 sitelists providers..

Anyone can suggest me a good sitelists provider that keep update their sitelists routine and add many new sites constantly?

Any help will be appreciated,



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  • Have you indexed the links?

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter if ahrefs sees the links or not as long as you wish to rank in Google.
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    Hello @TheGypsy

    Yes i use elitelinkindexer to speedup the index rate, but i think they focused for G index, not on ahrefs..

    "Anyway, it doesn't really matter if ahrefs sees the links or not as long as you wish to rank in Google. "

    Yes it is, but few of my clients check the backlinks progress from ahrefs, since ahrefs slowly detect backlinks created by GSA and using 2 sitelists provider, it tough on me because they complaint often,..

    Their tought is acceptable "If your backlinks hardly detected by ahrefs that have no backlinks filter, it obviously much harder get indexed by G that have many backlinks filter" :(


    If anyone here using gsa blast and check the backlinks often using ahrefs and you do not have hardtime to see the backlinks created by GSA in ahrefs, please let me know the sitelists provider.


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    Not only Ahref, also not Moz, Semrush by the way. 

    But I attribute this to the fact that these private companies have much fewer botting resources than Google. So in a way, your client is wrong: it will appear faster on Google than on these guys. 

    But why don't you simply prove your work by sending them the actual list of backlinks, nicely sorted into anchor categories etc.
    They can then look for themselves. 

    And if they say "Only what Google sees, counts", well then show them the SERP for the query: "theirsite.tld" -site:theirsite.tld 
    Even better run a scrape of Google-cached pages of your backlinks.

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