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Issue while adding URL's after crawling online can you please check this

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Hello Sven,

there is something that happens after crawling for urls (that was done with success).

Here is what happens, I go and crawl website for urls, let's say 7000-8000k unique URL's in the list each with appropriate keywords, it's all great, crawler does it's job perfectly.

Then I add them to URL's for backlinks and when I want to click OK to save project, it gives error something like this:

There is error near "keyword goes here" line needs to be URL and needs to start with http:// or https://

So, then I go over file with let's say 7k lines and search for "keyword goes here" and of course I get like 500+ results that I need to remove as I'm not sure where error is.

CRAWLER does it's work perfectly, but glitch happens when urls are there...

Can you please add option to REMOVE that line? Or just show line # please as it would be waaaaaaay much easier to find it that way so that I can see what's causing a glitch?

Or add simply "ignore" this button and I'll leave it as is, as it's 1 line out of 8k so possibility for it to be posted is really small...

But again perfect solution IMHO would be to have that line removed or make button like "remove all faulty lines" so it will remove all inappropriate lines.

Can somewhat or something like this be done easy and simple...

If not, thank you for asking, and I'll keep hunting and removing bulk lines and it'll be fine, but this may be much faster and very helpful for me. :)

Thank you!


  • SvenSven
    But who inserted that "keyword goes here" line? The crawler should not have added this.
  • Keyword goes here is just a dummy text, it's part of line like this one:{keyword 1|keyword 2|keyword goes here}

    "keyword goes here" may be something like "where to buy gsa ser"... It's just a phrase... Any phrase...

    Thing is that crawler does his work perfectly, lines are all good, I've checked them manually just to make sure.

    Is it even possible to add so many URL's to the URL part? Can it be some sort of a limit? Line limit? Memory limit? Something that brakes certain line so problem comes up?

    I will try to send you screenshot of an exact error a bit later today so that you can see what I'm talking about...

    Thank you.
  • SvenSven
    Well all I need to know is the part where this error comes from. Anyway if you want, you can edit all URLs at once with the new "Edit All" menu.
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