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Article scraping with additional KWs

When Advanced Scraping we have the options to have the KW in the URL or in the Title, we also can add more KWs so that the article is really on target ( that is a great feature).

How many KWs in the "additional KWs" have to match before it considers it a match. I put in about 10-15 more KWs, will GSA just see to it that 3 or more of the KWs are in the article too or will it require all of them.

I am doing some scraping on a subject I don't really know, so I cannot tell if there are not many results because of all the additonal KWs I asked it to look for or if the subject matter is just not that popular.
(asking for 600-1200 word articles could be doing it too, there are a lot of variables that could be doing this)
anyway, back to the KWs, how many does CG require the article to have for CG to accept it.

Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    If there is one of the keywords (per line) in article/title/url it is enough.
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