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How to let SER "remember" the login info on a site for multiple posting purpose?

Hi @sven, I try to find a way to make SER "remember" the login info on a buddypress site which I have successfully login and posted a article before in SER, because some of buddypress sites use Recaptha2 or text captcha in login page, it causes a low successful resolve rate even if I use 2Captcha service.

If SER can works like a normal internet browser which allow user to skip the login process after login successfully in the first time, that will improve the successful rate a lot...

I have no problem on modifying the script if necessary BTW.
Please advise.
THanks in advance.


  • SvenSven
    sorry thats impossible the way SER works now...cookies are not shared due to security reasons between projects or even threads. The reason is that else it might be resolved as you being a bot.
  • Thanks for your quick response.
    Is there any other solution to implement this?
  • SvenSven
    Not right now and I really don't want to. I see your problem as it probably would save the costs for the login step. But thats a rather special feature not many sites need.
  • The costs are not something that matters a lot since there are many non-english sites out there using non-english captcha which can't be resolved by 2capchta service.
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