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Some issues

Hi, firstly, I found when I using "submit message" to my WordPress site, GSA WC could not fill all fields, and I click "ok" to submit, it shows message successfully submitted, but I did not received the message.   It's fixed when I retried.   What I want to say is GSAWC sometimes shows up "message successfully submitted", but it's not.

Secondly, GSAWC can not identify some "WordPress contact form 7" forms, I don't know why, can someone help me with that?   for example:



  • SvenSven
    What fields could not be filled? Please send the sample as well.

    The other two sites should receive the message just fine. One is with a captcha though so if that get filled incorrectly, it might not submit. Else if something does not arrive, it might as well be due to a spam filter on the email provider.
  • Thanks @Sven It's not that GSA WC could not fill.  What I mean it's WC did not fill all fields on the first time, but when I retried it, all fields were filled, and the problem was fixed. 

    For those two site I posted above, what I mean it's WC can not find the contact forms on those two sites.   
  • SvenSven
    it finds the contact form for me without issues :/
    also I don'T see a reason why it would fill the form once and not in another try!?
  • I had the same issue. I had wix, weebly, and test sites. GSA did not recognize the contact pages on wix or weebly. And the sites showed as successful but I checked, and the subject and message did not come through ever, except on one of my sites (I had 3 test sites on I contacted Sven numerous times and had emails back and forth, but no resolution. The program does not work. And I cannot trust that the sites that it tells me were successfully sent, actually were successfully sent. Also, I cannot scrape websites, I do not get any results (contact page URLs). And the proxy scraper, which used to be good, now sucks (after updating). This program simply doesn't work.
  • SvenSven
    I don't know what you mean, but I debugged everything you sent me...answered and even updated the software based on the debug results. You are just not telling the truth here.

    The proxy scraper e.g. is the same as it was for years. NOTHING changed on it, that alone proves you are not honest.
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