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Is there a way to sort sites?

Hi, its me back from a long time ago 

Is there a way to sort the sites with or without certain social links, because both need a different message, for instance i run a IG account creation and grow service for local business.

So my message would be different for people already owning a IG account than for people that don't have a IG account, is there anyway to sort that, I am using SB now for that sorting



  • Also i have a question if i stop a project and remove the urls is the scraper going to resume where it was or just start over again? 

    And lastly, what a great piece of software you have created again. 
  • looplineloopline
    If you stop a project and remove the urls then it will remove the data stored with the urls and if you re add them it will start over. 

    I think, if you are the same person I have been chatting with on a different forum, then regarding my recent post in the website contact sales thread, about the files in app data, there is a way around it. 

    If you look in your app data folder and look at the website contact projects folder you will see 2 files for each project. 

    1 contains the project data, the other is the list of urls. 

    With each url you can see there are other data stored.  You can also add urls to a project via these files, so long as its in the same format. 

    So I would close down website contact while you edit these, less you run into an access violation or write permission issues. 

    But you could just save off all the urls from the project folder in their state and readd them/append them to teh same file later. 

    Or save out only the not completed ones or whatever it is that suits your needs.  I think once you start looking at the files its appearant what is what. 

    If you are not who I think you are and/or for anyone else - if you have no idea what your doing then don't mess with the files.  Also at the least make a backup first, less you screw something up and break your project. 

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