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protecting KWs in "samearticle" scrapes

I am in a medical niche. Is there a way to protect certain phrases/KWs in GSA CG if I am using an outside spinner. I have tried both SpinRewriter and The Best Spinner, neither seems to know what it is doing.
For instance, 12 Step is a common basis for substance recovery.
Both TBS and SR are giving me substitions like "12 phase" and "12 stage". Anybody in this industry will know something is very wrong if they see that. (anybody in America will know something is wrong)

So how do I stop this. Is it better to use GSA CG internal spinner and input all the synonyms?

I am only making Tier 2 and lower content but it should be comprehensible

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    In project options under filter you can add a protect word/phrase. That will be passed to the spinning services as well (together with anchor/keywords of the project).


  • OK, maybe that will help. And if  do it in CG, then I don't have to do it in both of my spinners. Thanks Sven
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