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Captcha Solutions and Captcha Decoder Not Working


I'd like to ask support for and in Captcha Breaker. The two applications does not work in Captcha Breaker with regards to reCAPTCHA2 solving.

Also please add support for



  • SvenSven
    recaptchav2 solving is not going into CB as it would require it to support these different APIs where no image is sent, but just a site key and url. Thats would only work if a service is configured that can do this. And right now, everyone uses CB only for image captchas.
  • is configured to only do this. Please give it a spin.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    You are a real scammer !!!
    I asked you if your service is working with GSA CB  for recaptcha solver, and you said yes it is, and so i signed up for your service same time and tested it with GSA CB and it did not work, and you told me to ask @sven why not !!!!

    Then you came and opened this thread and report it is not working....

    You also stopped answering my Skype messages and when i opened a Paypal dispute you lied to Paypal saying that u wont refund as i have already used the api !!!!! Luckily i have the proof to show Paypal.

    I hate people like you that just try to scam customers and don't think of running a sustained business

    Hope karma bites u in the arse
    Thanked by 2Kaine Deeeeeeee
  • Refunded...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Wow...I actually am slowly subscribing to and testing all the CAPTCHA services I can find, in addition to using GSA-CB, which I can 100% recommend as truly worthwhile software that is stable and effective.  While this is so, CAPTCHAs are getting crazier by the month, and of course there's the infamous recap2, an entirely different beast. >:)

    So..there's always a need for more.,.,.

    I guess I won't be adding this new service to my GSA list of external solvers to test and potentially use heavily...

    solverrecaptcha: Why mess around and make ppl wary and frustrated?!

    Get things in order *before* trying to sell to others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Makes no sense. :|

    Test and re-test on your own, not with paying customers. Shady dealing def not a way to make Sven want to spend a minute dealing with APIs for you.

    If you want ppl to test for you, generally beta testers are in it for fun or to promote research. But that's free. You can even pay them or offer them discounts later.

    If you came on here asking for testers, I'm sure you would have had dozens of responses, more ppl than you'd ever need in a year!!!!!!!!

    As it was, you stressed yourself, offering nothing for something to a  paying customer, you put Sven in a bind as though your solver should have somehow already worked with GSA, and as for the customer, he obviously didn't need another headache.
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