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cheap seo vps server is a scam platform and steal all your account

FuhaoFuhao China
edited April 2018 in Other / Mixed
Some days ago , when I open my GSA SER, it inform me to get activation code. After send Email to Sven ,and let him know i use cheap seo vps server for a while,  he told me cheap seo vps server is a scam platform and steal all your account.  I really feel so innocent :'( . Just want let your guys know that , do some good for community and try to persuade Sven get my liscence active again :*

They use different names as well each time they got caught. They move on to a new domain or reactivate another one.

  • CheapSEOVPS
  • SENukeVPS
  • SuperSEOVPS
  • SmartSEOVPS
  • ScrapeboxVPS
  • ...


  • i work with them and they are great .What they steal from you ???
    LOL Dont smoke too much man :))
  • SvenSven
    So now you register here just to spread more lies about your so "noble scam service"?

    It's a fact that you steal other peoples licenses and re-use them with pre-cracked seo tools installed for every new customer.

    I checked that myself and have a huge list of compromised licenses. You might not know much about the GSA protection but we can all trace that very well.

    Anyway, I don't need your propaganda here so thats why I banned you.
  • I also had the same problem,  now im trying to appeal to Sven as well. Lesson learnt.  Been a huge waste of my time and money. 
  • Thanks for these warnings. I'm looking for a GSA SER VPS.
  • never use GSA SER or anything important with them. But still i use them for ahrefs . semrush
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