Stop after x submitted links per day not working for me

edited February 2013 in Need Help
For example i edit a project to submit 50 links per day. It does that and then goes into Active (P) and starts some verifications. I interrupt this after 3 min and set the project to inactive. Then i set it to active again and it will start submitting again, starting from 16/50 or 34/50 or even with a lower number and sometimes even 1/50.

How come SER cannot remember the total submitted links for a day ?? I constantly change small things around so if i edit something and the project was in (P) mode and once i set it to active again it should go into (P) again and not submit all over again.


  • SvenSven
    If a submitted link is removed it is turning to a verified link, means after a restart it has again free slots for a submission. Though I see that this might have to change.
  • Thanks Sven, hopefully a small fix for you in the counter system, but would help to really keep the submitted links to moneysite at the number per day that we need.
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