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I’ve run an SEO/online marketing company in the UK since 2010. I’ve been a customer of all of the best rank trackers out there. And not been happy with them. They’re either too expensive or don’t work well. I’ve helped their developers make it better with suggestions. So, I made my own!

As a customer and an online marketing I know what WE want. I’m not a developer or a computer scientist. I’m an SEO guy that manages developers. Track-R has been created with the customer in mind. You guys know me, and know that I don’t settle for anything less than the best. However, if there is anything up with Track-R it will be remedied immediately.


The Shopify App and WordPress plugin will be available from around June 2018. 

See below before signing up…..yep, be your own affiliate and gain yourself a discount!

Affiliate Marketers

Gain 25% recurring payments for the term of YOUR customers on any package. We use Tapfiliate to handle the affiliate payments.





  • Update on conversion rates:

    17% from completely cold leads. Organic is 40% but only small traffic so not a sufficient sample size. PPC, I'm not good at it so gave up on it.

    After 7 day trial, 40% have signed up, this is probably due to me not setting up PayPal/Stripe subscription before they start, I bet it would be more like 90% continue with laziness being the main factor of not logging back in to buy a package. This will change this week, devs are implementing subscription up front, doing it the other way was an oversight on my behalf that people aren't lazy...but they are.

    So far, I have 155 sign ups, averaging 11 per day since last Monday. Weekends are slow only 3-4 signups, but Monday-Friday rock. This Monday was 19. Goal is 1,000 by Xmas but could be way sooner.
  • Affiliate portal is shut down due to spam/junk/lunatics.

  • Version 2 released, 14 day free trial give it a try

    Affiliate portal will be reopened soon.
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