GSA Content Generator can extract content from link list

kingbinkingbin Hanoi
edited April 2018 in GSA Content Generator
Hi Seven,

I have a list link and i want GSA Content Generator extract content, image, video from this list (in case with keyword and without keyword). Can GSA Content Generator do that?

I try to import my list to Source Option (in Custom) but when i run campain, it wasn' t working. You can see my log

[11:26:54] Starting "Scraping Articles"...
[11:26:55] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Americas Oak / 9663M | URL:
[11:26:55] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Arctic Maple / 6009M | URL:
[11:26:55] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Amazon Walnut / 6861G | URL:
[11:26:55] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Bangkok White / 9201G | URL:
[11:26:55] Result 01. Length:   1051 Chars | Title: Natural Zebrawood / 0585 NC | URL:
[11:26:56] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Bangkok White / 9201M | URL:
[11:26:56] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Anodised Aluminium / D8122 | URL:
[11:26:56] Result 01. Length:    869 Chars | Title: Bleached Cherry / 8633 IM | URL:
[11:26:56] Saving content to disk...
[11:26:56] Removing duplicates...
[11:26:56] Starting "Removing duplicate content"...
[11:26:56] Starting "Filtering Content"...
[11:26:56] Starting "Generating Articles"...
[11:26:56] SameArticle: extracting paragraphs and titles...
[11:26:56] Sorry, not enough content to create any article. Try to select more sources or use more keywords.
[11:26:56] Starting "Generating Articles"...
[11:26:56] Starting "Generating Articles"...
[11:26:56] Starting "Generating Articles"...
[11:26:56] Finished.


  • SvenSven
    As far as I can see, it has extracted content from the custom source at least. Just not enough to build quality content I guess. Your settings for length/words might be out of range. Try to use very little data here to accept all scraped articles.
  • Hi Seven,

    Tks you for reply. You are right, i test again and increase range number of word, it work perfectly ^^

    Another question, GSA Content Generator can run without select language? I run some campain with my language, in log, i saw that GSA Content Generator scraped, found a lot of link but hum, GSA Content Generator was wasted them because of "Unwanted language". Althought i checked again, link is not any wrong, same language and found keyword.

    [16:16:42] Result 01 - Unwanted language "en" detected for

    In example, it set my campain language (Vietnamese) and website is in Vietnamese. What wrong?


    Tuan Anh
  • SvenSven
    that site has lang="en.." in it's source.
  • I change setting to "English" but when run, it error:

    [08:09:55] Result 01 - Unwanted unicode-language "vi|pt" detected for
  • SvenSven
    If it's English as project language, it is performing the unicode test as there are a lot of site with this lang="en" thing where it is not really English content.

    But if you use anything other than English and the lang-tag tells you it's English, it better skips it as well.

    Sorry, thats all for your safety to not generate crap.
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