A tool for managing PBN

Hi @Sven,
In another thread we were talking about a new tool idea and I thought I start a new thread about it to gauge the interest in it.

I based this list of what I do manually and using tools like SER, SCM, SB. It would be nice to use the tool to post to several platforms like wordpress, joomla, drupal and plain html. Not sure how would this be possible though and at what cost in terms of maintenance on the long run.

Keep track of all the blogs with the ability to categorize/group them in some way:
Blog Group 1

Ability of posting to blogs with pictures.
Ability to pick random/kw related images from a folder and post with articles.
Ability to post 1st picture at the beginning and the rest randomly. Maybe insert images close to a keywords if the image name has a keyword, else distributed evenly.
Ability to set wordpress Featured picture

Ability to
-define a folder for each blog to pick a random article then post and delete it (or move the article into a different folder).
-define two folders per blog/blog group as articles source. One folder is for blog filling content(this may have no links or random links to authority sites also may have lower content quality). Other folder is for linking content that links back to money sites and has high quality content. Ability to choose posting frequency for each folder.
-Add 3 extra text to articles while posting. (this could be used to add intro, links, quotes or anything )
-Define the positions of the extra text individually. (Top, middle, end, random, between paragraphs)
-post and schedule posts
-modify articles with heading, text size, text font. Basically a built in WSWYG editor that could modify the .txt articles. Highlight keyword function in the editor.
-maybe you can go berserk and add text manipulating tools here as well like, replace words in files, inject words/phrases into files with selectable placement, mass keyword density checker...

-alert when blog is running low on articles
-track how many articles are posted how many are left per blog and per blog group. Show next to the blog name:
Blog Group 1 (28/5/33)    [28 articles is left / 5 has been posted / 33 total number of articles]
Blog1 (20/1/21)
Blog2 (8/4/12)
-ability to check if posted articles in a date range or from selected blogs/blog group are indexed and save the indexed/not indexed article URLs into a file.
-ability to export posted articles URL by date range, blog, blog group, index status, anchor text

Linking options

Ability to
-add links to keyword, text around keyword, next to keyword as URL, inject custom linking text or sentence: randomly, between paragraphs next to keyword, after the sentence of the keyword in new line, after the sentence of the keyword before the next sentence.
-define the ratio of linking types based on the total amount of articles. Ability to check ratio on posted articles only.
-define authority URLs an add them randomly to articles
-use URL, anchor text variation

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  • KaineKaine thebestindexer.com
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    You want says no create but manage specifique multiples blogs already existing (login/pass no captcha/email)  ? 

    Think it can be good to add delayed post article, number by day, delayed comment (auto accept), create new blog with same account (if platform allow it).

    @Sven perfect in addition with article and image scraper. Maybe see for add comment scraper in one of your soft.

    Mindmap style for visual can be very good (one blog is one picture with inter linking). You click on picture and that's open windows with all configuration.
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited March 2018
    Yes, @Kaine. It is only for managing the already created self hosted blogs.
    It's not for web2.0, however that could be added, but I guess that would require the same level of maintenance as SERE.
    Nonetheless, SERE probably would benefit from this sort of management tool though as it's all about managing the quality articles. 
  • KaineKaine thebestindexer.com
    Hope Sven code this tool
  • I think this is rather a question of demand and how could it compete with the already running online services.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Yes; I think these are valid considerations for Sven and GSA. Great ideas!

    @TheGypsy: l love some of the novel concepts you introduce. Def incredible. :)  Too many specific points that are amazing to respond to all, but truly a tool that fills a vacuum.

    I thought that an upgraded "media-pack" for SER might be a cool way to do this, within the SER platform. However, it's really about how it's all put together and Sven chooses to do it. Would this be a totally new platform, do you think?

    You can use GSA-SER, and do so quite successfully w/o a media pack, but for people trying to make high quality content, it's going to be very helpful.

    I would also like to see it placed on top of SER  b/c then users would need to buy a copy of SER.  Even if it's a one-time fee, the media pack should ONLY work with registered GSA copies.

    This may help GSA sales as well. I don't know how Sven has it worked out now, but there has to be away to get pirated-copy users to migrate to a valid registration. GSA would likely pocket a TON if this were the case.

    SER is incredible. The amount of time and effort and care that went into it, honestly, I feel it's extremely underappreciated.

    I had also thought some of the same ideas would be cool, like the additional text area for footer, header, etc.

    I think also two (or user-definable) sets of images would be cool. Waaay more control over the images, which are more and more integral as we head into a pictographic era.

    Like, the first image might be of a cat. Any of my hundred cat pics.

    The second could be an image of a woodland. Any of my thousand.

    The pics tell a story, too. More and more, we all rely on this. Myself included, it seems. :|

    Also, more control of image name and associated textual data.

    I'd like to see this. This is THE market.

    I'd very much like to see GSA break into this lucrative segment of the SEO services market and get a good market share with dependable, stable software that odes stuff in a way nothing else does. Definitely.  :)

    Whew! I have been too busy with Spring Cleaning. STILL not done... :|
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "-modify articles with heading, text size, text font. Basically a built in WSWYG editor that could modify the .txt articles. Highlight keyword function in the editor.
    -maybe you can go berserk and add text manipulating tools here as well like, replace words in files, inject words/phrases into files with selectable placement, mass keyword density checker..." -TheGypsy

    YES...This now is also getting into the area of what I hope to see in the next generation of GSA-Content Generator, or a totally new GSA creation: A spinning platform with incredible WYSIWIG editing, and incredible keyboard shortcuts missing in most modern word processors, even.

    It may sound silly, but Charles Brannon's Speedscript80 for the C-128 running in C64 mode, had more advanced editing shortcuts that I see today. (Switch case, reverse two characters, etc.) Find an old KB shortcut map and you'll see what I mean.

    This is a small aspect, really. The big focus is on the spinning, but I have lots (lots!) more on that, def not for today.

    And, special spinning data fields to control and easily add variations in html formatting in spin output would be cool. I don't know if this is done, already, actually. In other words, a little machine within the editor that would add html formatting to the spintax with super ease. Dropdown menus, etc.

    What has to be done is make it easy for the user.

    That's really it; people want ease, but greater ease means that a greater potential for easy disaster. 

    People, please just don't abuse these tools. I have to review my own use, and see what's spammy. I want to make my GSA output better and more useful to the online community. That's the goal... :)

  • Yes, this could be built on many ways. The functions could be just added to SER as SER can be used to post to self hosted blogs if you really want to right now.

    However, a brand new tool could open up the possibility to be used by the wider SEO community as a blog manager tool. 

  • I think SvenBot has gone astray :)
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    sorry, my previous reply was for a different thread...I got this bookmarked to reply later when I have some time thinking about it.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "I think SvenBot has gone astray " -TheGypsy

    uh ohh... :o :o :o

    Totally wondered what was up. lol You know lately I

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    The rules of a language don't change. Well, until they update a programming language and befuddle us all! haha Here's hoping the SvenBot stays on track, at 100%!~ :) :) :)
  • There is already a tool that does all of this and more and the owner is on here, @namdas ; pbn.hosting is the site.
  • KaineKaine thebestindexer.com
    edited April 2018
    But it's not software that you own. I want my software and my own domain to manage as I want, and not depend on anyone.
    And if it's only to fly from web2.0 (no hosting and domain name fees) the rates seem rather high and pay every month!
  • Fair enough @Kaine I mis-read your post :)
  • KaineKaine thebestindexer.com
    edited April 2018
    @JudderMan My English is always bad, happy to see you again :)

  • There are others who are doing this as a service not only pbn.hosting moreover they offer the ability to manage the hostings, IPs and such from the same place so it's a really cool all in one service but it has it's drawbacks as Kaine has already pointed out.

    But probably not so many people are concerned about those judging by interest of the people in this thread/tool.
  • KaineKaine thebestindexer.com
    edited April 2018
    @Sven Have you thought about the viability of this project?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Im sorry, it's still on my list but right now I am coding on that new web-page design for GSA....something that has to be finished first.
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